Monday, October 14, 2013

What is Symbaloo?

Our computer labs are all now set to open to a Symbaloo page. Each center has its own Symbaloo links. Here is an example of our Symbaloo for Keystone:

The Symbaloo page is essentially a page of links. This allows students to quickly get to the webpage that we will be using for class. It also provides a group of fun, educational links that students can easily access in the computer lab or even from home. For instructions on how to add a Symbaloo page to your home computer click here.

The Symbaloo will update any time I add links or make changes. Your home Symbaloo will always look the same as the one at school. This is a great tool for making websites available to students as we need them. It also makes it easy for students to share their technology learning at home with their families.

Some of our resources through the AEA require log in information. These are resources that are provided to our students through Grant Wood AEA. Our log ins are determined by building.
Atkins: 0609atki       Keystone: 0609keys        Norway: 0609norw      Van Horne: 0609vanh
all passwords are: aea10.

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